Rams RB Terrance Ganaway Gets Off-Season Minimum Wage Job At Jimmy John


Nothing like a bit of humility to help end a Thursday night on a good note.  In this story courtesy of Larry Brown Sports, St. Louis Rams running back Terrance Ganaway has quite the story.

Ganaway who just finished his rookie season with the Rams made a decent living this year, bring in $390,000.  That’s still comes out to $195,000 plus after Uncle Sam gets his cut.

Ganaway wanting to save money, be an example to his children, and most importantly stay out of trouble took a job at Jimmy Johns sandwich shop making $7 to just that.

Terrence Ganaway


Someone suggested Terrence come to Jimmy John’s because they were hiring.

Terrence Ganaway


Three weeks later, Ganaway had his off-season job.

Terrence Ganaway


Ganaway then explained to people why a NFL player chose to work a minimum wage in his off-season.

Terrence Ganaway


Kudos to a sixth round pick for showing some humility, maturity, and just all around general sense of money management.

He may not be making that much money at Jimmy John’s, but he’s surely not losing any of the NFL money he earned.


2 thoughts on “Rams RB Terrance Ganaway Gets Off-Season Minimum Wage Job At Jimmy John

  • Kudos too the kid but as you point out, just because he finally makes decent money our sorry ass goverment thinks it’s entitled to half his income.

  • Wow, what a wonderful humanbeing. What a way to show your kids the right thing to do. Not to mention not following the footsteps of so many other athletes out there that do drugs, get into trouble. Now folks this is a REAL man!!! Glad you are playing for a Missouri team even if it’s not my team!!!!

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