Rapper AP.9 Insinuates He Had an Affair With Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa


Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Kiss

AP.9 is best known for taking some Twodel style pictures with Ice T’s wife CoCo. Once he saw how that got him a little bit of attention, he has starting attention whoring to the highest degree of attention whoring.

I was trying to take him seriously, but then he started talking about taking 12 bullets and I started to tune him out. With that being said, he suggests he had an affair with Vanessa Bryant.

Here is the quote courtesy Bossip.

AP.9 said he an affair with a basketball player’s wife. This basketball player is one of the biggest stars in the world. He dated her and she gave him clothes and money. $30,000 here, $40,000 there, he said almost a million dollars by the end of it. The player plays for my favorite team, and everyone knows that my team is the Lakers. He has shown us photos and she was azzed out like CoCo.

I don’t speak in absolutes, so there is a chance this is true, but it is highly unlikely. It appears to me, he is just shooting his mouth off to get some attention. He also said he slept with all the Kardashians, so I don’t know how seriously I can take someone who says things like this.

“Ice-T don’t won’t no problems with me. I’ll beat his old ass,” he said. “You already know what it is. That n*gga don’t want no problems with me. I hope he listening right now. My n*gga, I will beat the sh*t out of that old a$$ man. I don’t know Ice T. Nothing against Ice T, I don’t know him. He threw his little shots at me on Twitter because of his wife. Come on man… I’m a real gangster. I done took 12 bullets. I done been through the whole sh*t. I’m well respected everywhere. I fear no man but God.”

Sounds like a quote from the Tupac handbook on how to sound like a Thug. For someone that is well respected everywhere, I have never heard of the guy, until he latched on to another’s man wife.

Quite possible Vanessa has had an affair or two, but not with this guy.

Ap.9 Vanessa Bryant Kobe


    • She either took those pics to hurt or get at ice t for something or AP.9 really hit it. What married women is going to take pics with some dude squeezing her butt?

  1. What is the deal with this recent trend with guys calling out the fact that they smashed other men’s wives? Not to mention, how does he not know Ice-T? Is he claiming that he’s a rapper and didn’t know who Ice-T and Coco are? So many questions about this dude.

  2. Ap9 is a rapper from the bay area, he’s not well known world wide but I’m from northern cali, sacramento to be exact and he’s really famous out here, if your not from the bay area, sacramento, or san jose or anywhere near those cities, you probably don’t know him.. He’s a real G, he really lives what he raps, he’s not a phony like these main stream rappers.. He’s part of a rap group called the Mob Figaz, they’ve been rapping for decades and never got recognition that they deserve, quote from one of their songs “I thought I’d be famous but gangstas don’t deals” but they still keep pushin.. And i think this is one of his ways of trying to get his name out, kind of like what Kim kardashian did with the sex tape..

    I don’t think he’s lying, i think he smashed coco for sure no doubt, as for vanessa bryant, i think there’s a good chance he smashed her too, you think back to when vanessa wanted to divorce Kobe at the end of the lockout last season, i heard an article saying she went to vegas with some of her homegirls on new years weekend, and hit up one of the hottest clubs in vegas, alot of celebrities were in attendance that night, and when you think about it, it all makes sense cuz AP9, even though he’s from oakland, he lives in Las Vegas, so he probably met her their and tore it down.. haha i dont know though, this is just me using my knowledge and detective skills, and i guess that’s bad karma for Kobe, u wife a girl with no prenup and cheat on her with 100s of other females, put himself in a bad situation ..

    as for the kardashian claim, who cares, she’s smashed everyone..lool

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