Rashard Lewis Runs Interference for Chris Bosh on Lil Wayne Questions

Lil Wayne, Rashard Lewis, Chris Bosh

The whole Lil Wayne and Chris Bosh drama makes my skin crawl. I think its downright despicable to involve his a man’s wife in a petty discussion about sports access.

For his part, Chris Bosh has taken the high road and not responded to anything said about his wife Adrienne as people from her past have been coming out of the woodwork. Earlier today, Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that teammate Rashard Lewis stepped in on Bosh’s behalf when reporters started in on the Lil Wayne questioning.

“This is about basketball.”

Solid defense. Don’t think any reporter who covers the team day to day would follow up after a guy says that.

A lot of people don’t agree with the fact that Bosh has been silent on the matter, but I think I’m on the other side of the coin. Bosh gains absolutely NOTHING from responding. As long as things are cool with his lady, he doesn’t have to give anybody, especially Lil Wayne, any time. I understand that if a man said this to you about your wife to your face, you would probably knock his teeth into the next county, but lets face it. Neither of these guys is going to fight, and beef based on words might as well be tofu.

The only person with anybody to gain in a verbal war is Lil Wayne.

If Bosh responds, he is sensitive and gives Wayne more ink. If he doesn’t respond, some people will question it and say Wayne punked him, but most sensible people will understand that taking the high road is OK in this instance. Both sides have their camps, and words either way aren’t going to sway groupies from either side. Chances are Lil Wayne will keep yapping and people will grow tired and move on, at which point he will move on to the next attention whoring venture to sell some albums.

Bosh just needs to take the words of his teammate and remember to keep it about basketball.

2 thoughts on “Rashard Lewis Runs Interference for Chris Bosh on Lil Wayne Questions

  • Bosh doesn’t need to respond…..if it’s true that Wayne banged Adrienne back in the day what difference does it make….everybody has a past

  • Chris Bosh does not have to respond to Lil Wayne’s stupidity. Lil Wayne is acting like a simple minded, drug addictted HOT MESS. Yes, everyone has a past, and if Chris thought enough of Adrianne to marry her then I’m sure as a MAN he knows that and accepts that she’s had a past. Lil Wayne is UNHAPPY with himself and need to get his s&%# together and stop pro-creating with all these different women. Wayne needs to learn how to be a MAN, Misery loves company…. Chris no response needed, take the high road and just know that there are always going to be HATERS like Lil Wayne. Stay true to your relationship/marriage and block the BS… ## GO HEAT

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