Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh “Not Impressed” With Manti Te’o 40 Time (GIF)

manti te'o lance armstrong catfish

Manti Te’o isn’t fast, but I could have told you that before the NFL Combine, but everyone was waiting with baited breath to see what would Te’o run.

If you had watched Te’o at all in college you would know he wasn’t going to be challenging Usain Bolt any time soon. With that being said several of the analysts and coaches seemed surprised by Te’o’s time of 4.82 even though it is in about the average time for a NFL inside linebacker.

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh, was specifically disappointed as he timed Te’o or maybe he was just trying to fool teams that he isn’t going to draft him?  Believe nothing when it comes to the NFL Draft.  Hat tip to Bleacher Report for the Gif.

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