Ray Lewis Implies God Wouldn’t Let a Murderer Go Free and Go to Super Bowl (VIDEO)

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A lot of speculation has been made regarding if Ray Lewis was involved in a murder or not. The fact that he negotiated a plea agreement which resulted in him being a free man left many people uncertain of his innocence.

Nobody knows what happened that night but the people involved. We can speculate and come up with our own beliefs, but at the end of the day Lewis was not convicted of murder. However one thing is certain, the families of the victims endured a great loss 13 years ago.

During an interview with Shannon Sharpe, Lewis was asked about the incident that left two young men dead in Atlanta. Lewis went on to share his belief that God doesn’t make mistakes and the system didn’t try to find the truth in the incident, but instead tried to convict him even though they knew he didn’t have anything to do with the murder. Sharpe then followed with a question regarding the financial settlement given to the victim’s family. Lewis then stated the following:

“The one thing I said that, because my name was used the wrong way, money is the last thing I’m worried about, but if money will help those kids out – and not just those kids but any kid I can help, any family I can support, I’ll support,” Lewis said to Sharpe. “So don’t just take that family and say I gave money to that family, because I’ve given money to thousands of families time and time again, just to find a different way to help somebody through a rough time.”

Rev Ray may be one of the best leaders of men and one heck of a motivational speaker, but when it comes to interviews he should consult with a PR before going on air. There has been a numerous of people who have done wrong in their lives and still manage to prosper. Look at Robert Blake or O.J Simpson for instance. The fact that he’s  had a great NFL career does not neglect the fact it is possible for him to be what many people cast him as, a murderer who got away with one.

In addition, there is a major difference between paying off the families of two murder men opposed to helping out kids in need with charity money. One you can file on your taxes and one you cannot. Only a bit of the interview was released, so maybe Sharpe asked him to clarify, if so it wasn’t shown.

This is only going to open the doors for more people to draw their own conclusion of Lewis that he was guilty and his settlement was strictly a way to save his self.  Lewis comments won’t make the families of the victims feel any better.  After you have lost two members of your family the last things you want to see is the man you believe to be involved being celebrated by America and then proclaim your settlement as a charity chase.

I doubt you will hear any more from Lewis about this matter, now that he is about to be a NFL analyst. Does Ray Lewis know more than what he is willing to tell, probably so, but I credit Shannon Sharpe for asking the questions especially after knowing the level of respect and friendship these two men share.


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  • I’m tired of hearing about this, you or anyone else don’t care about these familiy members. Ray Lewis was SUED by the families, so he didn’t voluntarily pay off anyone. Robert, if you read the transcripts in the court, it will tell you everything. Even an ATL detective said Lewis should NOT have been charged.

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