Reality TV Show Featuring Pistorius’ Dead Girlfriend Airs On South African TV

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The alleged murder of model/law school graduate Reeva Steenkamp has shocked South Africa to its core. As their beloved Olympics hero, Oscar Pistorius has now been charged for committing the murder.

Now the South African Broadcasting Corp has aired an episode of the reality program Tropika Island of Treasure a year after it was filmed in Jamaica . As reported by USA Today one of Steenkamp’s last wishes before her untimely death was for her family to watch her on the show.

The show aired two days after her death and featured the gorgeous model laughing and blowing kisses and swimming in the ocean. The show ended with a tribute to her, with ‘Reeva Steenkamp 19 August 1983- 14 February 2013’ superimposed on the screen with a background of a candle and rose.

Pistorious will appear in court again on Tuesday for a bail hearing .