Recruit Says He Received Death Threats From Fans Of Ole Miss and Miss State

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Five star defensive end Chris Jones now knows up close and personally the pressures of being recruited by two in state programs in the powerful South Eastern Conference.

Jones who is still deciding between both schools says he’s received death threats from crazed fans according to USA Today.

“It was a crazy weekend,” Jones told’s Kipp Adams of his recent recruiting travels, which took him on visits to both campuses. “I received death threats, insane messages, you name it.”

Jones who has meeting with coaches from both schools over the past few days is taking all the stress in stride.

“I mean it has not been as stressful as people would think it has been,” he said to Adams. “I have tried to handle it in the most comfortable way possible, so it has really been alright for me, and in the end, I am very blessed to have this opportunity to play for either in-state school.”

Remember crazed fans, these are kids making their college choice, regardless of how important you think it is to you personally.