Recruit Tweets Pic of White Girls & Bong During Oregon Visit, Then Commits to Georgia


Oregon Recruit

I try to remember what I was like when I was 17 and 18 years old, before I just call these kids idiots. When you are young and everyone is fawning over you, it is hard sometimes to keep your enthusiasm bottled up.

Ten years ago there was no Twitter to post a photo like this, but today with social media a lot of these kids slip up and make horrible decisions.

Davin Bellamy was just trying to get his Jesus Shuttlesworth on.

Davin Bellamy™‏@DavinBellamy17

Oregon trip going better than I thought.

He deleted the Tweet, but the damage was done. To add insult to injury if you are an Oregon fan he ended up committing to Georgia. Maybe should have had better white girls available? Social media can be the devil, so coaches and parents need to warn their players to be very careful about what they Tweet, email, Facebook, Facetime and etc.



  1. What a Stupid Ghetto Hood Rat Fool. I guess GA, offered more money than Oregon, wait until the NCAA gets a look at this Picture. Let this fool go to the Wrong Part of Georgia and they find his Dumb Black-AZZ Hanging from a Tree out in the Middle of Nowhere.

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