Report: 49ers Are Confident They Can Trade Alex Smith

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While there is no trade in place now, the San Francisco 49ers are confident that they will be able to complete a trade for the former number one overall pick, Alex Smith.

The earliest the 9ers can complete a trade is March 12th after 4pm EST so there’s still much time to go before anything is concrete. But according to ESPN the buzz for Alex Smith has been quite prevalent during the combine.

Of the top teams most interested in Smith’s services are the Chiefs and Cardinals–both veritable no-brainers given their quarterback voids and new head coaches. There’s no doubt that other teams may too soon come out of the woodwork to make a move for Smith.

Smith lost his starting quarterback job while at the peak of his at times, frustrating career and watched from the bench as Colin Kaepernick became the team savior. Smith handled the situation with grace, and will most likely be rewarded with a new team to start for.