Report: Alex Rodriquez’s Charity Gave 1% Of Donations To Charitable Causes

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When it rains it seems to pour, in the saga that is the 2013 off season for the disgraced Yankees infielder, Alex Rodriguez.

Now Yahoo Sports is reporting the following from a Boston Globe review of IRS filings from more than 50 athletes,including Arod’s which gave far less than what was expected of them.

Charities are expected to give between 65 to 75 percent of their revenues to charitable causes, but of the aforementioned athlete funded charities, they fell below that.

In 2006 Arod and Jayz did a charity poker event together for the Arod Family Foundation which raised $403,862. But the IRS discovered just 1% went to charities, with $5,000 going to Jay-Z’s Shawn Carter Fund  and $90 going to a Miami Little League team.

Even more damning was that the charity soon stopped submitting financial records to the IRS and had their tax-exempt status revoked.

The chips keep stacking up against Arod in every way.