Report: Dwight Howard Telling Opposing Players He Will Be in Brooklyn Next Year


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The Lakers might want to start taking some of these “rumors” seriously. You may not agree with Stephen A. Smith on 1st Take, but he isn’t prone to just making up stuff he doesn’t believe in true.

No Guts, No Glory tracked down this audio from Stephen A. saying that Dwight Howard told Rudy Gay he is going to be in Brooklyn next year.

Here is the exact quote from Stephen A.

Dwight told Rudy Gay on the court in a recent Lakers-Raptors game that “he should’ve waited to get traded [to the Raptors] because he could’ve joined him in Brooklyn next season”.

You can listen to the full audio below. You have to take everything that Dwight Howard says with a grain of salt, because of his clown like behavior, but one thing has been consistent the whole time and that is he wanted to be in Brooklyn. Maybe that is the one thing he was telling the truth about.


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