Report: Gregg Popovich Cursed Out Dwight Howard During All-Star Game

Gregg Popovich

According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, on Mike and Mike in the Morning, Popovich wasn’t too pleased with Dwight Howard during the All-Star Game. Smith says, that Popovich was drawing up a specific play for Howard, but when he was ready to run it, Howard was too busy socializing with the celebrities in the crowd and wasn’t even in the huddle. Then according to Smith, Popovich hurled a few F-Bombs in Howard’s direction.

Smith says, it is another example of Howard’s clown like behavior, but one thing we don’t know is the context of Popovich venom.

Was Popovich really upset or was he just slightly annoyed? It is the All-Star game, not Game 7 of the NBA Finals. The overall point is, that anything that Dwight Howard does these days right or wrong is going to be scrutinized heavily, he is in a no win situation, so the Lakers need to be very aware that the problem is getting worse not better.

Might be better to cut their losses, now in a trade than watch Howard walk away for nothing in the Summer.

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  • Dwight is a clown, get rid of his butt L.A.!

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