Report: Kris Humphries Willing to Miss Playoff Games Over Divorce Trial


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I can’t believe he would really do this. I know he is trying to stick it to Kim Kardashian, but at some point enough is enough.

I think he has made his point, just end the divorce and keep it moving. But, according to TMZ if the divorce trial takes place during the playoffs, The Hump will take a day off.

A judge has set a May 6th trial date for K & K’s long-awaited showdown

Kris’ team, the Brooklyn Nets, are on track to score a spot in the 2013 Playoffs — which run from April 20th to June 20th.

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ … the NBA’er has already made up his mind — if the Nets make the playoffs, and the trial falls on game days … he’ll ditch the games.

I don’t question TMZ sources, but if Kris Humphries actually did this, he would be the laughing stock of the NBA and contractually I don’t think it is even possible.

He will be at the games and the dates of the trial will be moved.


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