Report: Lakers Would Consider Choosing Dwight Howard Over Kobe Bryant This Summer


This is highly unlikely for several different reasons. First, Kobe has a no trade clause. Second, Kobe is owed $30+ million. Third and most importantly. Lakers fans will lose their mind.

With that being said. Chad Ford of ESPN thinks it is possible that Dwight Howard could give the Lakers an ultimatum in the off-season and they would listen.

“I’ve heard rumblings that if Howard told Laker officials this summer that the only way he’d stay in LA is if Kobe leaves, the Lakers could end up choosing Howard over Kobe,” wrote Chad Ford

Nothing personal against Chad Ford, Chris Broussard or any other NBA Insider, but it appears they are just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks.

The Lakers could rumble all they want, but if Kobe doesn’t want to leave LA, exactly how are they going to make that happened?  Furthermore, who in the Lakers organization really thinks Dwight Howard can lead the franchise?  I bet they lose a lot of money when they go to Vegas.

Kobe isn’t going anywhere and Dwight is either going to take the extra money in LA or his talents elsewhere, let’s not try to make a story out of nothing.

One thought on “Report: Lakers Would Consider Choosing Dwight Howard Over Kobe Bryant This Summer

  • the lakers upper mgmt is in denial,they can clearly see howard is not a franchise player,he want win a championship unless he have 2 other high profile players with him.same as chris Bosh. same as James..Wade is the beast of that squad eventhough james gets the credit..Remember when the heat won the first wade destroyed the mavericks..james is a ball s sad to see jerry buss leave his fortune in the hands of a uncontrollable person like jim buss..jim have been around this team for his entire life and he still made dumb decisions,,1st Nash(at 38) for 2 ea 1st round draft picks and 2 ea 2nd round draft here me,Nash,not Harden or rudy gay or any other guard to defend westbrook if they meet okc..Steve Nash you are kidding me. 2.Dantoni,come on,from the ashes of EURO basketball you choose this guy.Loser in phoenix,Loser in NY now Loser in LA..Come on Dantoni,the rest of the western conference coaches gave their teams an extra day off when you announced Dantoni as next didn t try to look at Harden at all,he was there for the pickings,you should ‘ve took harden for bynum,okc might have thrown in Perkins in return (the best center in the west).4th Dwight Howard I m gonna admit he fooled me too,but seriously watching him he needs to go to duke or carolina for a couple of years,then try the NBA..First,he have to learn how to be a man first then professional then basketball,,He have none of the above.His game or his attitude is not ready for the bright lights in LA..with all said,now to fix this,contact your soon to be Brother in law PHIL..he fix it in two years..

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