Report: Percy Harvin Wants Megatron, Larry Fitzgerald Type Money


Vikings disgruntled wide receiver is perceived to have an attitude problem, and considered somewhat of a negative lockerroom presence.

One thing that can’t be questioned is the confidence Harvin has in himself, and if reports are correct, Harvin is extremely high on his talents.

ESPN is reporting that Harvin is considering a holdout when training camp starts, and sources familiar with the situation say Harvin wants to be paid like the top two wide receivers in the NFL, Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.

“As far as holding out, that’s not something that I’ve heard he definitely will do at this point,” the source told Anderson. “But I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re throwing out threats — that’s what agents do.

“However, when you are under contract, the team controls the situation, not the player. I hope he doesn’t think a tactic like that would work if that’s what he’s thinking.”

The 24-year-old Harvin is entering the final year of his rookie contract with the Vikings and is set to make $2.9 million in 2013.

The high-ranking Vikings source told Anderson that Harvin classifies himself among the NFL’s top wideouts and expects a contract similar to the deals recently signed by Detroit’sCalvin Johnson (eight years, $132 million) and Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald (eight years, $120 million).

“[Harvin] is a star player in our league, but I would imagine that he sees himself in the class of the top wide receivers in our league,” the source said. “I do know at his production, when he was healthy, he was producing along with Larry and Calvin and those guys. I could see Harvin’s agent making the argument that he deserves their type of pay.”

I’m not sure this whole process will turn out well at all.  The Vikings simply can’t afford to pay Harvin over $100 million and still have a playoff caliber team.

I struggle to come up with a team that will pay him such a high number.  Harvin could very well get San Francisco over the hump, but they are certainly not going to pay him that inordinate amount of money.