Report: Ravens Set To Make Joe Flacco Highest Paid Player In NFL History


Joe Flacco is about to get paid, and if reports are true, he’s going to get paid unlike anyone else in the NFL’s history.  The New York Daily News via Adam Schefter is reporting that when Flacco gets his deal done, “he’ll be the highest paid player in NFL history.”

“If (the deal with the Ravens) does get done, it will make Joe Flacco the highest-paid player in NFL history,” Schefter predicted on SportsCenter Thursday, two days after Flacco’s agent told USA Today that contract negotiations are “going fine.”

“We’re moving forward. This thing could be done in three minutes or three years,” Joe Linta said.

Reports are that a short-term scenario could involve Flacco getting the franchise tag and a one year salary of $20 million. Flacco’s agent Joe Linta also hinted that just because Tom Brady essentially gave his team a hometown discount, don’t necessarily expect Flacco to.

“Whether Brady took a pay cut or took $27 million a year, it wouldn’t have an impact on what we’re doing. We’ve determined a number that we think is fair with respect for the Ravens’ cap situation,” Linta said.

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  • It won’t be long because AAron Rodgers contract will surpass that one. rodgers has Super Bowl MVP and League MVP

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