Report: Vikings Actively Trying to Trade Percy Harvin

FB: Cleveland Browns vs Minnesota Vikings Sept. 13th, 2009

Harvin is extremely talented, but is also a malcontent. The Vikings are apparently ready to move on. Harvin has had issues with former coach Brad Childress and current coach Leslie Frazier.

Here is the report from

Sources tell Mike Max of WCCO in Minneapolis that Spielman will indeed actively pursue a Harvin trade on the heels of a November meltdown directed at head coach Leslie Frazier. The incident happened in front of teammates, who didn’t take well to Harvin’s tirade just a couple of years after a similar blowup directed at former coach Brad Childress. It was also believed to be the real reasonthat Harvin was unexpectedly placed on injured reserve with an ankle ailment that didn’t require surgery.

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  • What the hell is it with receivers being diva-ish assholes?

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