Rich Eisen Runs 6.03 40 After Using Fake Deer Antler Spray (VIDEO)

espn rich eisen deer spray

Analyst Rich Eisen has been running the 40-yard-dash since forever, well not quite, more like since 2005. However he recently matched his best time today marking it at 6.03. Not bad for a smooth mild age fellow.

espn rich eisen times

It seems spraying that good old deer antler spray helped rejuvenate himself back to his youth. If you were sleeping under a rock during the Super Bowl this year, his comment about deer antler spray was in reference to the SWAT guys who claimed they supplied Ray Lewis with the substance after he injured himself.

rich eisen sprays deer antler spray

It’s all in comedy so I doubt Ray will take offense, and Eisen was running with Leon Sandcastle so that’s no harm. I have to give it to Eisen though not bad and he does it in a suit and tie grown man style. Maybe if he adapts the Arian Foster vegetarian lifestyle, he could catch up with Manti Te’o’s time.