Richard Sherman On Darrelle Revis: He’s Irrelevant In My Mind


Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis have been pretty quiet since their war of words on Twitter last week.  Sherman has gone on about his business, and Revis is trying to figure out what team he’ll be on next season.

With rumors of the 49ers trying to acquire Revis making the rounds, where Revis ends up really doesn’t matter to Richard Sherman.

During an interview on 710 AM in Seattle Wednesday, Sherman said he could care less where Revis ends up.

“It’d be fun either way. There’s always a rivalry there. I still wouldn’t get to play against him directly, so it really wouldn’t matter to me. I’m sure our receivers would have a little fun with him. I don’t mind either way. He’s really irrelevant in my mind.”

This the 2nd or 3rd time Sherman has referred to Revis as Irrelevant.  It seems Sherman wants to be known as the league’s top corner, and is going to take that honor from Revis anyway he can.

3 thoughts on “Richard Sherman On Darrelle Revis: He’s Irrelevant In My Mind

  • This clown is definely tops in flappin’ his lips. Yap, yap, yap. He’s got diarrhea of the mouth. Start taking something for that anxiety disorder along with the adderall. You seem to have a lot of insecurities. It is okay. Remain calm. All is well. Better have a snickers, too.

  • Dick Sherman lives up to his name.

  • Sherman talks a lot for a guy that has had one good year, during which he tested positive for a banned substance. He got out of being punished on a technicality.

    6 of his 8 picks last year were off Cardinals QBs, Sam Bradford or Mark Sanchez.

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