Richard Sherman Says Roddy White Is An Easy Matchup, Product Of His System


Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been making the rounds lately, and he’s been quite boisterous.  Sherman was on NFL Network recently took all things football and Falcons wide receiver Roddy White.

Sherman made some waves, when he stated that White was an “easy matchup, and a product of the system he plays in.”

“His strengths are in their system, within their system,” Sherman said on the “ATL Debate Club”podcast. “His strengths aren’t his own.

Julio Jones‘ strengths are his own. Julio Jones is a dynamic playmaker. It doesn’t matter what scheme he’s playing in, he’s going to play well. If he’s out wide, if he’s in the slot, he’s going to present problems. Roddy can present problems for certain people, but he’s a product.”

White has averaged 96 catches a season since 2008, and caught a 47 yard bomb for a touchdown against Sherman during a playoff matchup that the Falcons won.

Sherman explained that as well.

“During that game, for example, the play where he caught the touchdown, the touchdown wasn’t really on me to tell the truth,” he said. “But I’m not going to throw a teammate under the bus, because I’m not that kind of player. If that’s what you guys want to say, I’ll take it.”

Well shots have been fired, and the Falcons and Seahawks will do battle again next season.