Robert Guerrero Says Floyd Mayweather is Slipping and Ripe for the Picking

Robert Guerrero

Guerrero assessment of the current version of Floyd Mayweather is pretty accurate, doesn’t mean he will win, but at least he is aware of what he needs to do to win.

Half the battle when you are fighting elite fighters, is a belief that you can beat them, I believe Guerrero thinks he is going to win the fight and become a megastar. Here is what he had to say about Money Mayweather.

“I see a lot of slippage. I see him slowing down as far as his legs not being as quick as they used to be,” Guerrero said of Mayweather, who turns 36 on Sunday.

“But he is sharp in the ring. He puts more pressure on guys. I think that has to do with him not being able to move as good on his legs, where people think, ‘Oh, he’s changed his style.’ But I just think that when you get older and your legs start to go, you have to change direction.”

“He’s definitely ripe for the picking,”

“He’s been out for a year. It does take a toll with that ring rust. I’ve experienced it, being out a year with that shoulder surgery (in 2011) and then getting back in the ring after jumping the two weight classes. It does take a toll on you.

“I think it’s perfect timing”.

There has been slippage in Mayweather’s skills, that has been obvious for years. He is more of a cerebral fighter now, taking advantage of his opponents mistakes. Guerrero will have to be extremely discipline to win against Mayweather, it isn’t impossible, but it will be a hard task.

Father Time is undefeated and the clock is ticking for Mayweather.