Roy Hibbert’s Mom Upset At Him For Throwing Steph Curry Around


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After yesterday’s skirmish during the Pacers vs Warriors game, one of the people most upset is Roy Hibbert’s mother.

USA Today has the following statement for Hibbert in regards to the melee

“My mom was a little upset,”

“She said I should have walked away. It’s unfortunate it happened. I watched the video and I saw there was a little kid that ran up out of his seat when all that happened. I apologize to the fans that were sitting court side. We’re a team that loves the fans and we don’t want to scare them away.”

Hibbert has since been suspended for the brawl which broke out after he shoved Warriors’ big David Lee. But it was thin Stephen Curry who accidentally took the brunt of Hibbert’s angry, as he was thrown around not once, but twice–poor guy.

Lee was also give a one game suspension, and the matter seems to have been resolved. Mama Hibbert was concerned for Steph Curry’s life last night…


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