Scott Mitchell: Lomas Brown Lied to Improve his position at ESPN

scott mitchell


There were quite a few heads turned a couple months ago, when current ESPN analysts Lomas Brown let it be known that he once missed a block purposely to get his quarterback hurt. That quarterback at the time was Scott Mitchell, and assuredly Mitchell was not happy when he heard the news.

While Mitchell later came out and let it be known that Lomas had apologized to him and that the two had buried the issue, Mitchell recently let it be known to the Detroit News that he thinks the story was a lie. A lie, with an interesting motive.

I do think he did it to improve his position with ESPN,” Mitchell said.

That is probably the dumbest thing to do — to tell a story that isn’t true. It is an error in judgment and kind of stupid actually. I don’t think Lomas purposely tried to get me hurt.”

Whether or not you believe Mitchell is up to you, but his premise makes sense at the least.

We’ll have to see whether Lomas responds to the allegations, or if he reiterates that he wanted Mitchell hurt back when the two played together.