Seahawks P Jon Ryan Wants NFL To Suspend Chris Culliver


49ers cornerback Chris Culliver has apologized for his comments in regards to having a gay teammate. Culliver stated that “those were thoughts in his head, not how he really feels.”

The 49ers have denounced those comments, and other have as well.  Jon Ryan, the punter for the Seattle Seahawks doesn’t think it’s enough, and tweeted out his feelings on the matter, saying the league should suspend Culliver.



I don’t think a suspension can happen and definitely not for using your right to speak freely. Was Culliver wrong, definitely, but it was within his right.

3 thoughts on “Seahawks P Jon Ryan Wants NFL To Suspend Chris Culliver

  • If Culliver should be suspended for his comments that are so wrong, then why don’t these closet football players come out? I think its wrong that these guys living a lie. If they gay, need to be proud of what they are. Maybe the punter need to come out.

  • UNTIL we get Confirmation that The CONSTITUTION & FREEDOM of SPEECH are no longer guaranteed rights of Americans. Mr. Culliver was perfectly within his Rights to say whatever he wants too. Maybe this boy Ryan, Suggs and Abanjodejo should form their own Gay Football League since they’re so concerned about this Deviant Sodomite Filth Lifestyle. They can Name the teams Tinkerbelles, Booty Bandits, Twinkle Toes, Rump Rangers or Pole Smokers. This rush to embrace this Perverted Filth has gotten out of hand.

  • The mindset that certain views are “unacceptable” and should not be allowed to exist is, frankly, scary. Every totalitarian (aka murderous and oppressive) regime in history has silenced views that it deems “unacceptable” and it legitimately scares me shitless that people still think all views except their own should just be silenced and punished.

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