Sexual Enhancement Drug Found in Oscar Pistorius’ Room On Night He Shot GF


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I don’t know if this means anything to the actual case, but it is another strange twist, in the murder trial of double amputee Olympic Sprinter Oscar Pistorius.

The cops originally said steroids were found, but according to Pistorius’ representatives, the drug that was found is similar to Viagra. Here are the details courtesy of Huffington Post.

Oscar Pistorius’ representatives have named the substance found in his bedroom after the shooting death of his girlfriend as Testis compositum.

A product called Testis compositum is also marketed as a sexual enhancer, good for lack of stamina. Some online retailers advertise oral and injectable forms as testosterone boosters and say it can aid sexual performance.

Testis Compositum is made by Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, based in Baden-Baden, Germany. The company website says it is one of the world’s leading makers of homeopathic combination medications.


A U.S. subsidiary, Heel USA Inc., markets the product in tablet form only and spokeswoman Joan Sullivan said she didn’t know if injectable versions are sold in other countries. Heel USA’s website says the product provides temporary relief for men’s “sexual weakness” and lack of stamina.

The U.S.-sold tablets contain 23 ingredients, including pig testicles, pig heart, pig embryo and pig adrenal gland, cortisone, ginseng and other botanicals. It also contains several minerals, according to a list Sullivan provided.

So, on the night Pisorius shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, he had pig testicles and other assorted things in his system.

I don’t think this case could get any stranger. Pistorius says he just wants to get on with his life, but I don’t think that will be happening any time soon.

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  • “Pistorius says he just wants to get on with his life”….oh yeah well so does his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp but unfortunately she’s DEAD…..

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