Singer Botches Two National Anthems at MLB Exhibition Game (Video)


Singer Anthem Fail

Unfortunately it’s common to see singers mess up one national anthem, but botching two anthems in one afternoon may be a historic achievement.

Jeff Fuller was hired to sing the national anthem before a Major League Baseball spring training game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Houston Astros in Dunedin, Florida on Wednesday. He began by singing “Oh Canada” but caught a brain cramp and forgot the words and wasn’t able to finish it. After soaking up the cheers and the boos of the crowd he attempted to redeem himself by singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” and ultimately blew that too but was able to get to the end before walking off in utter humiliation.

Luckily for Jeff, the incident took place at a baseball exhibition game and not a national event so it shouldn’t take very long to blow over. If you want to see poor Jeff in all his humiliation check it out here.