Skip Bayless: “You Don’t Think D Wade Has Made Gabby say WOW a Couple Times?”

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The interesting thing about this, is that ESPN makes a point to let everyone know, they are supposedly a higher level of journalism. They stress they are not just above bloggers and online media, but their competitors in mainstream media. When the facts are they are really no different.

This the type of joke that you would expect to see on Deadspin (Wade gave himself a new nickame WOW aka Way of Wade), I would say it is a joke we would use on BSO, but I don’t really make jokes about how other men handle their business in the bedroom.

It is low brow humor, that in the immortal words of Ron Burgundy “Gets the people going”. I am not calling for Skip to be fired or anything like that, but just be aware that ESPN is really just using the methods that have been put in place, by online media and bloggers and pretended it is “cutting edge“.

Cari Champion quickly changed the topic, because she knew it is out of line, but she is probably use to it after being sexually harassed by Rob Parker for months.

Once again, I don’t blame Skip Bayless or ESPN, because their methods are effective in getting people to watch.  I never blame the supplier always the user., but just be aware you are falling for the banana in the tailpipe.

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  • You’re a big fan of 1st take..bottomline….that’s cool so am I.

  • Bro I see u hate First Take really bad…everything u say about them on your website is negative

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