Stan Van Gundy: “Lebron James is Already Better Than Michael Jordan”


I know what Stan Van Gundy was trying to say when he made this quote on the Dan Le Batard Show.  It is very simple, he is simply saying at this point in his career, Lebron is a more skilled player than Michael Jordan.

That part of it is based in some truth, mainly because I don’t think we have ever seen anyone as skilled and physically gifted as Lebron. He is some crazy hybrid of Jordan, Magic, Bird and Malone.

The important thing to remember is that skill is only one part that makes your great.  Michael Jordan had a lot of athletic ability, but so did Dominique Wilkins.  There was nothing physically different in their primes between Jordan and say Vince Carter.  What makes you great, is something that can’t just be defined by stats and physical ability.

Lebron is on his way, but we need to slow down the train a bit.  Skill wise he is there, but jewelry wise he isn’t.  Until he is, these debates are useless and even Lebron knows that.

Just enjoy Optimus Bron and leave the who is the greatest debates alone, until it is time.

2 thoughts on “Stan Van Gundy: “Lebron James is Already Better Than Michael Jordan”

  • You and the rest of your slurping sports commentating ilk kill me. You speak of championship rings like Jordan won them by himself. Hello!! He has 6 rings because he was on 6 CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS along with a Top 50 and Hall of Fame player (i.e. the great Scottie Pippen)!!! You do the same with Kobe and Brady. It’s no question who the better player is. Lebron is on pace for 30 k points, 10 k boards and maybe 8 k assists. Knock off the foolishness about the rings like they’re winning them alone.

  • Lebron is twice as good as Mj

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