Stephen Curry Denies Teammate Draymond Green High Five Attempt (GIF)

stephen curry no high five

After being tossed like a rag doll twice on national television, the best way to overcome the public embarrassment is by playing lights out the following day.

Stephen Curry was unstoppable yesterday. With his ankle properly secure to his body, Curry couldn’t miss from behind the three-point line last night against the New York Knicks.  Curry dropped 54 points, with a total of 11 baskets behind the arch.

Curry’s celebration dance could be scrutinize and questioned, but when you score 54 points you can do whatever silly dance your heart desires as long as your shoots are falling. His teammate Draymond Green attempted to high five Curry, but Curry was in his zone and couldn’t be stopped or bothered for a high five. Unless you can contribute to his 54 points don’t touch the kid.

Although Curry put up impressive numbers, the Warriors still fell short to the Knicks losing 109-105.