Stephon Marbury’s Wife Tasha Tells Police She’s Being Twitter Stalked by Monet Merchand



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When it comes to online stalking the laws aren’t very clear.  Maybe because most of the threats are done behind a keyboard as oppose to someone hiding in the bushes.

The question begs how much is too much?

If you go on a show like the Basketball Wives (Marbury’s wife will debut this season) that screams attention whoring are tweets like this out of line?

@TashaMarbury is an insecure hoe” and “You are less ‘worth’ than a burnt out light bulb & you will forever live in shame.

Mrs. Marbury is claiming that this woman Monet Merchand (@MonetMerchand) is constantly hurling insults at her via social media and blogs. I took a look at Monet’s TL and besides being giddy about the free press she got from TMZ, I didn’t see anything different than a lot of the other women on Twitter who talk about reality shows.

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According to TMZ Ms. Merchand claims she had an affair with Marbury, but Mrs. Marbury says he has never met her before.  We know Starbury has had a lot of affairs he has admitted that in court, so you have to decide who you believe.

If Mrs. Marbury fears for her safety then she did the right thing, better to be safe than sorry, but she should expect a lot worse once the Basketball Wives season gets going.

FYI, Ms. Merchand is also a rapper what do you think?


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