Study: Cowboys Deemed Most Popular Team; Saints Fans Deemed Most Loyal

Dallas Cowboys Voted America's Team

The Dallas Cowboys have deemed themselves “America’s Team.”  Now they have some data to back that up.


In a study by Dead Spin, which used Facebook to determine the number of “Likes” a team had, the Cowboys are in fact America’s most popular team narrowly edging the Pittsburg Steelers.

American's Team 1

America's Team 2

Another examination was done on “Loyal” fans.  To achieve this, they looked at the percentage of fans who “liked” their local team (Local meaning within 50 miles).  The disparity in these numbers weren’t nearly as drastic with Saints fans deemed the most loyal followed again by Steelers fans.



American's Loyal Fans 1

America's Loyal Fans 2

Interesting how the Cowboys were the most “liked” team, but came in 10th in loyalty.  Which begs the question, would you rather have a larger fan base or loyal one?