Team USA Wont Give Up On Coach K

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Team USA is crossing their fingers, hoping Coach K recants his statements on retiring from coaching the Olympic Basketball team.

Per ESPN, USA basketball will not name their next coach until college basketball season is over at the latest. Giving as much time as possible for Coach K to rethink the decision on no longer coaching the olympic team. USA Basketball was supposed to announce their new coach by late 2012 or early 2013 and planned on recruiting San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich or Boston Celtic’s Doc Rivers, if Coach K continued with his decision.

However Coach K spoke with Andy Katz and said “nothing has changed”:

“(USAB) is not going to make a decision until the summer,” Krzyzewski told Katz. “Nothing has changed with me. Usually in these situations, they don’t do it while basketball season is going on. Nothing has changed. Right now, obviously — I love USA Basketball — but I’m trying to keep my head above water with my own team.”

Jerry Colangelo, who recruited Coach K in 2005, spoke with in November and said he hasn’t spoken to either of the two favorites (Popovich and Rivers) to replace Coach K in hopes of Coach K changing his mind.

“I’ve had preliminary conversations with Coach K about the future,” Colangelo said in November. “He has a really good team at Duke, and that’s where his mind should be right now. I think he went through a very tiring experience in London and he made statements to that effect, but I think he was having early withdrawals a few weeks after he was home, which is typical when you’re on such a high.

“He’s such a big part of USA Basketball. We’re so close, as close as can be, so I only want what’s best for him. I really want to have some discussions with him that brings some finality to it. And we have haven’t had those yet. So I’m waiting before speaking to other candidates. … (Popovich and Rivers) are great coaches, both of them in their own right, and I think they would do an outstanding job, either one of them.”

I dont see Coach K changing his mind, he’s 65 years old. I truly think he wants to live out his last basketball years making sure Duke University stays in glory and making it hard for other college coaches to catch his records.

One person still holding hope is OKC/Team USA star Kevin Durant:

“I’m sure we can get him to come back”

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