Teen Stabbed to Death During Ravens Parade; Fan KOed For Wearing Steelers Jersey

steelers fan

Three teenagers were stabbed in a dispute Tuesday afternoon around the same time the majority of Baltimore were still riding the high from the Ravens Super Bowl win.

The Baltimore Police do not believe that the stabbings were related to the Ravens Super Bowl Parade, but they can’t confirm if the teens were downtown because of the celebration.

No one knows what started the altercation, but it has left one teenage dead.

Here are the details according to the Baltimore Sun.

Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the stabbing occurred around1:30 p.m. near the intersection of North Howard and West Fayette Streets. He said one of the three victims, a juvenile, went into cardiac arrest and was rushed into surgery at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, where the youth died.

The other two stabbing victims were taken to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. One was listed in critical condition; the other was expected to live, police said.

Unrelated to the stabbing the Steelers fan you see in the photo above was knocked out simply because he was wearing a Ben Roethlisberger jersey.  Sad that violence had to marred what was suppose to be a happy day for the city of Baltimore.

6 thoughts on “Teen Stabbed to Death During Ravens Parade; Fan KOed For Wearing Steelers Jersey

  • AFC fans are in general a-holes but that division is the worst.

  • Damn. Did the lady in the #92 Ravens jersey lay that dude out?

  • Yes she did. @GQTrojan

  • That chick that nailed the guy from behind is a piece of crap. Who cares what team you root for, be happy your team won. Reminds me of the clowns in NY that chanted “Crosby sucks” as he layed on the ice with blood gushing from his face. Not all fans are a-holes but the few that do stupid crap like this give all the fans of their team a bad name.

  • i hope and pray victim gets justice hoodlems thats sorry, may god getem for that… sadddddd ///// ps pray for victim ,

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