Terrell Suggs Calls Skip Bayless A ‘Dirt Bag’

black sports online terrell suggs calls skip bayless a dirt bag

Terrell Suggs is a frequent visitor to the show ‘First Take’ and often gets into it with host Skip Bayless.

Deadspin  reported on the ‘tensions’ that flared during today’s debut of the live half hour version ‘First Take’ on ESPN. Of course, it was done in jest, as the two like to play up their ‘rivalry’.

Skip Bayless has been known to be harsh on the Ravens and Flacco, doubting their chances of ever winning  a Super Bowl. So now that they have defied Skip’s prediction what better time than to bring Suggs on to rub it into Skip’s face? Suggs told Skip that he had ‘graduated from douchebag to dirtbag’

The premise of ‘First Take’ has become quite simple, create an ‘every body hates Skips’ atmosphere and stir the pot over and over again. Ratings gold.