Texas A&M Already Preparing For Johnny Manziel To Turn Pro In 2014


Anytime I write about Heisman winning quarterback Johnny Manziel, I first always have to reference back to Manziel’s mug shot hours after getting into a fight outside of a bar.

My how things have changed since then, and how things could have been totally different if the Aggie coaches not decided to give him another chance.

Manziel could have been suspended or kicked off the team. He wasn’t and the rest is history as Manziel led Texas A&M to their greatest season in school history, or at least in some 50 years.

Now with the Manziel speeding along at a dizzying pace, reports are that the Aggies are preparing themselves for life after Johnny Football.

Aggies offensive coordinator Clarence McKinney told the San Antonio Express News, that Manziel who has already use a redshirt season, may indeed turn pro in 2014, and that’s why the huge signings of future Aggie quarterbacks  Kenny Hill and Kohl Stewart are so huge.

“With the uncertainty of Johnny’s situation because of the way the NFL is going — his stock is rising,” McKinney said at a Houston A&M Club function this week.

Manziel in my opinion would have to have a lights out 2103 that is even better than his Heisman season.  For all of Manziel’s amazing attributes, he can still improve as a passer with his velocity and deep ball.

The success of Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III and other slender quarterbacks, along with the pistol and spread formation becoming the rave in the NFL, will allow Manziel to be a pro, it’s just about when.