The Ravens Lost The Vince Lombardi Trophy After The Super Bowl


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The Baltimore Sun broke the news on the strange disappearance of the Vince Lombardi trophy last night, just hours after the Ravens earned the right to hoist it up in the air as the confetti rain down in New Orleans.

The $25,000 trophy went missing for a while, but was soon discovered to be onboard the Ravens’ charter plane packed away safely. Head Coach John Harbaugh joked about the missing trophy as he carried it with him Monday morning at the Super Bowl media center

“We hadn’t seen this [trophy] since last night,”

 “We thought we lost it. It was quite a night last night, and I’m just proud of our team, proud of our coaches and our players and, most of all, happy for the people in Baltimore.”

It’s understandable that with so much commotion going on that this could’ve happened, so let’s give the Ravens some slack for what could’ve been a huge gaffe.


  1. I guess we can cut em’ some slack I mean that is a lot of commotion. But if My team won the trophy I would carry that sucker around my neck, LOL!

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