Tim Tebow Cancels Church Appearance After Finding Out Pastor Hates Gays and Obama

Jets' Tebow on the bench against the Bills in Orchard Park

I predicted this would happen. Here are my exact words, when I first found out that Tebow was scheduled to speak at First Baptist Dallas Church.

I am pretty sure once Tebow’s PR people see this story spreading, he will mysteriously have to cancel.

One week to the day I said that.

I portion of that is a lie, because there is no way Tebow wasn’t aware of Pastor Robert Jeffress feelings on gays, President Obama and other controversial issues. One Google search on him and the church turns up a ton of information. Tebow is a smart guy, he knew who this guy was and probably secretly shares some of his beliefs.

Once, the PR team got a hold of it, that was the end of that. Tebow’s image is everything, but just remember it is just a public image, we don’t know the real Tebow, who thought at first this would be a good idea.

6 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Cancels Church Appearance After Finding Out Pastor Hates Gays and Obama

  • What do you want Bruce? A cookie? So what he cancelled his appearance. This tebow bashing is about as bad as Benghazi. What man would adjourn themself with people who have an obvious hatred for others. Had he went your article and others forthcoming would say Tebow Shocker: Hangs with bigots, Image tarnished. I don’t even claim to be a tebow fan. He sucks as a QB but you need a life. You wasted you morning on this article. A non-story. Then to pat yourself on the back as if you deduced a profound act is pathetic. God you suck as a journalist.

  • i always thought your name was “robert”

  • Tebow seem like a legit dude to me. He may not agree with gay folk (not many do) but i doubt he racist.

  • Wonder what the church is gonna say when “LIL TIM” comes out of the closet. From my experiance most people who are over the top anti-gay have a little secret ther trying to hide, and what would it matter if he spoke at that church. THEY ALL PREACH HATE!!!

  • “Probably shares some of his beliefs”…Really? Are you a mind reader, or just an out and out racist? Or just a whitey hating asshole. I think all of the above. Later loser.

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