Tom Brady On New Contract: We All Make Way More Than Our Fair Share Of Money


Patriots quarterback Tom Brady surprising has caught some flak for restructuring his contract, and trying to allow his franchise some cap room to strengthen the roster.

Brady who regardless of how the contract was restructured, will still get his money, but also wants to win.  The new deal opens up $15 million in cap space for the Patriots even though Brady will get a guaranteed $60 million over the next two years.

Brady though doesn’t want to talk about money at all, and seemed offended in an email he wrote to WEEI, in which he basically blasted those in the NFL who feels he did other players a disservice.

“I don’t want to talk about this on the radio or anywhere else for that matter,” Brady wrote in an e-mail to John Dennis. “Athletes are always talking about money at a time when everyone else is struggling so badly to make it. We all make way more than our fair share. And I just think it reflects poorly on myself and my teammates. I really do just want to win, and that has and will continue to be the reason that motivates me and is the biggest factor in my decision-making process.”

Shots fired, shots fired.  Other players in the league may not make as much as Tom Brady, but NFL players make way more than the average person.

Brady in my opinion is essentially say that the NFL and the way players go about contracts shouldn’t always be about getting as much as you can.

One thought on “Tom Brady On New Contract: We All Make Way More Than Our Fair Share Of Money

  • Gotta read between the lines and realize two things:

    1)Brady doubled his guaranteed money with this restructuring;
    2)It’s very easy to sign for below market value when your wife makes 3 times the amount of money that you do.

    This is like a president’s son thinking he’s a badass saying , “nobody even comes close to touching me!!” Well no shit, Sherlock…they’d have to get through the Secret Service first.

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