Tony Romo Blows Late Lead, Loses in Golf Tournament


I admit up front I am trolling Tony Romo. I like Romo a lot and I don’t think the Cowboys would necessarily be better without him.

But, this is a show and prove league and your legacy is made in pressure pack games and the playoffs. Romo has come up short in both.

He is a pretty good golfer and he had the lead heading into the final round of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, but alas he and his partner lost it and ended up finishing third.

Ironically, the Cowboys finished third in the NFC East as well.

8 thoughts on “Tony Romo Blows Late Lead, Loses in Golf Tournament

  • Just like football, Tony cannot hang onto the lead.

    • The issues they have in football are not his fault. Lets see you throw a ball running for your life or sitting on your azz.

  • Obviously this writer did not watch this tournament. Romo played GREAT and his partner (THE PGA PROFESSIONAL) missed a 2-3 foot putt on the 18th to fall out of the lead. What this writer should write, is Tony Romo was by FAR the best am in the field AGAIN and his partner (again THE PGA PROFESSIONAL) failed him. Writer must be a Redskins fan….he should write about RG3 is a broken man and will never amount too much in his very short career. Idiot!

    • Too many Romo haters out there for him to get a fair shake.

    • Too many Romo haters out there for him to get a fair shake. And you are correct. rg 3 is broken and will never be the same.

      • Adrian Peterson tour all his knee ligaments and played a 16 game schedule, led league in rushing and won the league MVP. Your posts’ just show you are a hater. RG3 will be back and will beat the Cowgirls 2-times next season just as he did this past season.

    • The latter part of your reply shows you are no better then the author of this thread. You were right, it was the pro who missed a tap in in the end

  • Don’t Worry though Golf Fans,,, with Jerry P.T. Barnum Jones as his Manager (General Manager),,, Tony has at least sixe more years to prove himself!!! Where’s the circus heading next???

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