Trent Richardson Says Brandon Weeden Struggled To Read Defenses


Trent Richardson may learn a valuable lesson today about talking to reporters, and regardless of how you phrase a comment, it may be blown out of proportion.

Richardson was on NFL AM this morning and he had some pretty complimentary things to say about Weeden on camera.  Off camera Richardson told NFL Network’s Steve Wyche that Weeden struggled with reading defenses as a rookie.

Wyche of course relayed Richardson’s comments to the NFL AM staff according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“He also told me a little bit more about Brandon Weeden,” Wyche told co-host Mark Kriegel. “He said as a rookie, [Weeden] really had trouble reading defenses from time to time and they had to skew their offense a little bit, sometimes somewhat predictable. [He] thinks things are going to open up a little bit, but he really does like Brandon Weeden.”

Richardson of course was not available for comment this afternoon.  As journalist we are taught to report what we hear, and Richardson obviously didn’t ask Wyche to keep his comments off the record.