Two High School Student’s Fingers Were Severed During Tug-Of-War


KTLA  broke the news on a very disturbing and gruesome story today involving two high school students partaking in Spirit Week.

The students were Edith Rodriquez and Pablo Ocegueda, both seniors, they were 2 of about 40 students involved in the lunch time round of tug-of-war.The rope snapped in a freak accident and left the student’s fingers severed in the process.

Tragically both students are involved in sports, and were transported to USC Medical Center. They had surgery to reattach the fingers on Monday.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first case of ‘tug-of-war gone wrong’ in Taiwan an epic match involving over 1,600 resulted in two men’s arms being severed.

Small world…let’s hope they make a speedy recovery.