Two Savannah State Students Snuck Into Super Bowl And filmed The Whole Thing (Video)


Man somebody is going to get into trouble for this one.  Two Savannah State students pulled off the heist or sneak in of the century.

USA Today is reporting that the two students, snuck past numerous security personnel to get into the stadium in time to witness Beyoncé’s halftime performance.

They then recorded their undercover mission, and posted it on YouTube.  The calmly walked past 12 cops who were in front of the street barricade.

They then entered the  tunnels, got into another door by acting like they were wheeling in video equipment and talked and mingled  in large groups before casually walking through doors that led to the field.

The NFL released a statement on the matter.

“NFL security is conducting a review and following up with the appropriate authorities in New Orleans,” spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement

In what should be embarrassing for the NFL, it looked beyond easy for the pair.  The question now is will the two who never really used their actual names or identification will get into any trouble for seeing a game that’s worth $1,500 for free.