Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu Only Manages 4 Reps on Bench Press at Combine

tyrann mathieu

As you know, I am not big on the combine being the final word on if a prospect will be a good NFL player or not, but if you are the Honey Badger and had almost a year to train for this, you can’t max out at 4 reps on the bench press.

It isn’t about if the bench press means he can play or not, it is about how dedicated he is to truly rehabilitating himself and will he put the work in.

Right now, it isn’t looking too good. When you have a lot of red flags, you have to perform that much better than everyone else who has a clean slate. No one was expecting 30 reps from Honey Badger, but giving up at four will put a lot of doubt in teams mind if he is really serious about trying to play.

4 thoughts on “Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu Only Manages 4 Reps on Bench Press at Combine

  • one thing this story is missing is… How much weight. Reps don’t matter if you don’t have a measuring stick. Damn a red flag.

  • Well, the standard is 225. However, the DBs don’t work out at the combine until tomorrow (Tuesday) so I have an issue with this article being factual. That said, it could have been prep time but ok.

  • I agree with Truth, DB’s work out on Tuesday…and 225 has been the weight they lift at the combine for a long time now.

    • I stand corrected…DB’s did lift already, on field workouts are Tuesday. Checked on NFL.com and they have the DB’s bench results posted.

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