Urban Meyer Prohibits Use Of The Word Michigan By Buckeye Players (Video)


I hope new Michigan signee and supposed Buckeye fan Reon Dawson is reading this.  Michigan and Ohio State have probably one of the top five rivalries in all of sports.

The rivalry is a known thing around the Ohio State football program, but never talked about.  Why, because head coach Urban Meyer prohibits the speaking of the word “Michigan” in his program.

They are simply that team up north.  Meyer discussed it on the Dan Patrick Show this morning.

“It’s just something I learned from Coach [Woody] Hayes many, many years ago when I was first here in 1986,” Meyer said. “It’s a rule that we have around here that you pop down and do 10 pushups if you say it.”

Meyer is the perfect coach for the rivalry, because he wants to destroy Michigan every time out.   You hear that Reon Dawson.