Usain Bolt Dunks at Celebrity Basketball Game (VIDEO)

All Stars Celebrity Basketball Usain Bolt

The NBA Celebrity All Star Game was on last night, and although at times I wonder if any excitement would make its way to the game, you have to take into factor these are celebrities and this game is all for fun.

After hearing the fastest man on the planet talk about how he played basketball all of his life on First Take, I was excited to see what Usain Bolt could do on the court. However I should’ve been asking myself  what is it he can’t do on the court. I could’ve had a lot more to say in that regards.

The 6’5” sprinter missed a wide open layup, but he came back and took about 18 steps to slam the ball in for an easy dunk. Maybe that’s how he became the fastest man on the planet. When you take about 18 steps for every 2 steps a normal person would take, I suppose you are able to make up more ground that way.