Usain Bolt Set to Earn $15K Per Second in 200m Race

Usain Bolt

See, even he can’t believe it. According to the Daily Mail, the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, will earn a crazy $15, ooo per second which equates to $300,000 in a 200m race at the Paris Diamond League meeting this summer.

Bolt, whose net worth is somewhere in the region of 20 million dollars, will use the race as a warmup for the World Championship in August. The race is set to take place in the Stade de France which holds over 81,000 people and Paris director Laurent Boquillet is confident that every seat will be accounted for, because everyone wants to see the Olympic champion:

With Bolt, we know that we will easily fill the Stade de France,

That is a lot of money for one race, but Usain Bolt is at rock star status and there are very few athletes around who can electrify and captivate a crowd with just pure charisma like he can, so he has to capitalize on opportunities like this while the window is still open.

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  • the funny part is bolt will earn $300,000 but that is nothing the event can seat 81,000 people!! at $25 a ticket, that is $ 2,025,000. not many ticket if any will be sold at $25. people be an owner, promoter

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