Vontae Davis Tweets Sean Smith Has Talked With Chiefs Then Claims Twitter Was Hacked

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Vontae Davis has just become another athlete who has fallen victim to the ole ‘twitter hack’ scenario after he put out that the Kansas City Chiefs had talked with Dolphins’ Sean Smith.

NFL.com has the tweet that Davis put out today saying that Sean Smith had spoken with the Chiefs


Clearly this, if true, would be tampering as the negotiating period starts on March 9th. But with that said, many teams arrange verbal agreements before the negotiating window even comes.

Once news started to reverberate throughout Davis felt the need to pull the tried but true ‘someone hacked my account’ excuse to cover up the obvious tampering that he let out of the bag

Smith then took to twitter to state his piece on the matter, saying that he hadn’t even spoken with the Chiefs the previous night

“Ok this is getting out of hand, I’ve never talked to any other team besides the¬†Miami Dolphins,”

Smith went on to add that he only told Davis that their former coach, Al Harris, had been hired as the Chiefs defensive assistant/secondary coach.

The cover-up is always worse than the act itself…