Wale Confronts Raptors Announcer After Being Called a “Local Rapper” (Video)

Wale Wizards Announcer

This all started with some friendly trash talk between Wale and Raptors Rudy Gay.  Apparently, Gay and Wale have known each other for years, so this wasn’t unusual, but it caused Raptors play by play announcer Matt Devlin to go into his Kevin Hart routine.


In the video above provided by Beyond the Buzzer, Devlin called Wale a “local rapper” and made a point of saying he was “no Drake”.   He also encouraged Twitter, to let him know if anyone had heard of Wale, while making fun of his name. Wale took exception to the ribbing.


As you can see above, Wale then try to make his way to Raptors announcer’s table. Looks like someone struck a nerve.  The announcers don’t look that concerned.   Wale needs to talk to Rick Ross, since Noriega owes him a million favors.

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  • Who the hell is “Wale”?????? The only whales I know about are in the ocean…..

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