Wisconsin Ryan Evans Tries To Cure Slump With Jump Shot Free Throw (Video)

Ryan Evan Jump Shot Free Throw

It’s certainly not your conventional way of ending a shooting slump…

By all accounts Wisconsin’s Ryan Evans used to be a descent free throw shooter, shooting 72.6% from the line last season. Not quite sure what happened, but that respectable 72.6% became a dismal 40.5 this year.

Evans has been experimenting with all types of remedies in practice including underhanded free throws and bank shots, but the forward decided to debut his jump shot free throw in last night’s game against Nebraska; The result…a perfect 2 for 2.

“Well it worked tonight, so I’m going to keep it going, I think it might have been the first time all season I went 100 percent from the free-throw line, so that’s an accomplishment.”

Surprisingly, Evans is an even worse shooter from the field (39.9%) than he is from the line, but if it works then go with it…no matter how weird it looks.