Woman Beater Jay Mariotti Given Back Part Time Job With ESPN


You remember Jay Mariotti former ESPN analyst and Chicago Sun Times journalist who was fired from all of his jobs because he was stalking and assaulting his girlfriend?’

Allegedly pulled out her hair extensions, slapped her and told her she wasn’t pretty enough to be with a high profile journalist like himself.

In the end Mariotti accepted a plea deal where he admitted to stalking and assaulting his ex-girlfriend. ESPN took a strong stand against domestic violence by firing Mariotti, but I guess they changed their mind because he is back.

Here is what Mariotti had to say via The Sherman Report.

ESPN has graciously given me a chance to try freelance storytelling, potentially a longer-form piece the network does so well. I’ve started working on a particular project.

I’ve been fortunate to write the columns, do the TV shows, host the radio shows, cover the major events and see the world. I think strong narratives always will stand out in a sports media business swirling in change (not all good). You’re seeing a boom in definitive, longer-form stories for TV and digital. Getting to explore this creative avenue with ESPN, the industry leader, is exactly what interests me right now. I appreciate the opportunity, and we’ll see where it goes from here.

Isn’t that nice of them? Wonder if they would have done the same for others in the same situation.

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  • So if Mariotti now has a place with ESPN, then Rob Parker should be back with ESPN sometime in 2015.

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